Portability is HUD’s term for transferring from the jurisdiction of the Public Housing Authority (PHA) who issued the Section 8 voucher to another PHA’s jurisdiction.

Families with Housing Choice Vouchers are eligible.
Family must live in the issuing PHA’s jurisdiction and hold a valid Housing Choice Voucher to be eligible.
Family may move to any out-of-state PHA’s jurisdiction. The PHA that receives the portable family does not have to accept a Voucher unless it has a Voucher program.

To Transfer your assistance FROM Bremerton Housing Authority:

You may transfer your assistance to any PHA jurisdiction that administers the Section 8 Voucher program.

Notify your Housing Specialist where you would like to transfer your voucher to. You will be required to provide your current landlord with an appropriate vacate notice in writing. Provide this notice to your Housing Specialist and they will re-issue your Voucher authorizing you to move.

Your Housing Specialist will notify you when they have contacted the receiving Housing Authority.

Good luck in your housing search!

To Transfer your assistance TO Bremerton Housing Authority:

Bremerton Housing Authority administers the Section 8 Voucher program in the city of Bremerton, Kitsap County and Mason County.

If you wish to transfer your assistance to a jurisdiction of BHA, you must contact the Housing Specialist at your Housing Agency. They must send the necessary documents these documents may be mailed or faxed. They cannot be hand carried by you.

Once we receive these documents we can schedule an intake appointment with you. If you know your PHA has mailed or faxed the paperwork, you may call to see if they have arrived. We cannot schedule an intake appointment prior to receiving the portability documents.

At your intake appointment, you will sign our Voucher and authorization forms, and receive documents that will give us what we need to conduct an inspection.

An inspection will be scheduled within 5 days from receipt of valid RFTA. Inspection can take place within 24 hours or may take longer depending on if the unit is ready.

Upon approval of the unit of your choice, Contract documents will be drawn up. Once they are signed and approved, payment will be requested. Payment can be released to your landlord within 10-30 days of receipt of completed Contract documents.


Bremerton Housing Authority
600 Park Avenue
Bremerton, WA  98337

Lobby Hours:
Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Closed on Wednesdays


Main Number: 360-479-3694
Inclement Weather/Emergency Hotline: 360-616-7199
Telecommunication for hearing impaired TRS dial 7-1-1.

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