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Listings last updated on: September 21, 2022

The units below represent any available units that fall under our Kitsap County payment standards for Section 8 voucher holders. Because the majority of units on the private market are too expensive to qualify for Section 8 rental assistance, these units have been manually selected based off an estimation of their affordability. Since this webpage is not refreshed every day, there is no guarantee the unit will still be vacant when contacted. BHA cannot guarantee approval for tenancy according to the landlord's screening criteria. Lastly, we have not contacted these properties before including them in this listing and have not vetted these listings in any way except for affordability. 

It is up to the voucher holder to understand how to:
  • Initiate and navigate the housing search process for your household*
  • Calculate affordability based on your personalized "Affordability Worksheet," Line 9 amount, and estimated utilities*
  • Communicate with landlords effectively*
*See our Housing Search Handout for more information

1 Bedroom

1106 18th St, Bremerton
1007 Burwell St, Bremerton
223 Washington Ave, Bremerton (Studio)
1116 11th St, Bremerton
3569 NW Anderson Hill Rd, Silverdale
1608 Burwell St, Bremerton
349 N Wycoff Ave, Bremerton
100 N Lafayette Ave, Bremerton
1550 Olympic Ave., Bremerton
239 Elm St, Bremerton
637 Pleasant Avenue, Bremerton
1002 Park Ave E, Port Orchard
Undisclosed address, Bremerton
1510 Snyder Ave, Bremerton
952 Highland Ave, Bremerton
2109 11th St, Bremerton

2 Bedroom

9910 Trident Ln NW, Silverdale
1750 Jackson Ave SE, Port Orchard
Undisclosed address, Bremerton
902 Washington Avenue, Bremerton
4410 NW Wedgewood Ln, Bremerton
1618 Colchester Dr E, Port Orchard
1755 W Sunn Fjord Ln, Bremerton
2562 Fir Ave, Bremerton
321 S Lafayette Ave, Bremerton
26298 Illinois Ave NE, Kingston
1550 Olympic Ave., Bremerton
239 Elm St, Bremerton
333 Bryan Avenue, Bremerton
463 Shannon Drive SE, Bainbridge Island
3333 Locker Rd SE, Port Orchard
4414 NW Wedgewood Ln, Bremerton
7155 Tracyton Blvd NW, Bremerton
1755 W Sunn Fjord Ln, Bremerton
107 S Cambrian Ave, Bremerton
2131 E 19th St, Bremerton
1305 Perry Ave, Bremerton
3724 W E St, Bremerton
1115 Wheaton Way, Bremerton
2596 Fir Ave, Bremerton
105 Anoka Ave, Bremerton
2507 Erlands Point Rd NW, Bremerton
820 NE Riddell Rd, Bremerton
325 N Cambrian Ave, Bremerton
1029 Bay St, Port Orchard
1275 Sherman Ave, Port Orchard
902 Washington Avenue, Bremerton
2002 Magnuson Way, Bremerton

3 Bedroom

1742 Houston Ave, Bremerton
2173 NW Seaholm Way, Poulsbo
417 Tracy Ave N, Port Orchard
1618 Colchester Dr E, Port Orchard
4842 Lupine Ln NW, Silverdale
1550 Olympic Ave., Bremerton
1937 NE Virginia St, Bremerton
3110 Rustlewood Lane SE, Port Orchard (Email)
1620 NE Pleasant St, Keyport
5316 Sandra Ln NE, Bremerton
19338 NE Crestwood Ct, Poulsbo
463 Shannon Drive SE, Bainbridge Island
10701 Rhody Way, Kingston
18672 Vaughn Milton Loop NE, Poulsbo
1222 Wing Point Way NE, Bremerton
1514 Perry Ave, Bremerton
7155 Tracyton Blvd NW, Bremerton
621 Roswell Dr, Bremerton
6432 Shire Estate Pl NE, Bremerton
4241 Big Beef Xing NW, Bremerton
646 N Constitution Ave, Bremerton
1025 NE Coco Ct, Bremerton
4274 Westwood Pl SE, Port Orchard
7333 E Raintree Ln, Port Orchard
5161 Granada Pl SE, Port Orchard
1337 Ironsides Ave, Bremerton
1706 Elizabeth Ave, Bremerton
26280 Edgewater Blvd NW, Poulsbo
4719 NW Walgren Dr, Silverdale
2824 Robin Ave, Bremerton
1273 Sherman Ave, Port Orchard
6234 Provost Rd NW, Bremerton
6222 NE Center St, Suquamish

4 Bedroom

2189 Nubling Avenue E, Port Orchard
6913 E Crestwood Ct, Port Orchard
5128 Sinclair Way, Bremerton
7283 Creek Wood Pl NE, Bremerton
921 Chestnut St, Bremerton
4445 Sand Dollar St, Bremerton
3810 Maritime Dr SW, Bremerton
7035 Aegean Blvd NE, Bremerton
2320 Dalarna Ct NE, Poulsbo
4529 Abalone St, Bremerton

5 Bedroom

2495 Sand Dollar Rd W, Bremerton

6 Bedroom
4397 Bethel Rd SE, Port Orchard

Note: listings are categorized by voucher size - if you see a different number of bedrooms than the category it's under, that means the listing is affordable for more than 1 voucher size. Having a different bedroom size than voucher size is allowed as long as it's affordable for your household. If you are unsure about how this works, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get clarification before you inquire and apply. 


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